Sin City Pleasure: Bachi Burger & Shoku Ramen

After a sin-filled weekend at the 18th Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend there was one thing on our minds–garnishing the trip with a visit to Bachi Burger's Southeast location.

For us there is a dual meaning. Bachi is an abbreviated term for the word “Hibachi” which refers to a method of Japanese style of grilling. The word bachi also means to treat others how you would like to be treated in return.
— Bachi Burger

Shoku Ramen's tonkotsu broth is rich and milky in its consistency and is the result of boiling pork bones, fat, and collagen for no less than 20 hours in order to render and infuse all the flavors. Our dish included the following:

Kurobuta pork: Kurobuta pork is the most highly prized pork in Japan and comes from the ancient breed of pig known as Black Berkshire. The meat from the pure oriental strains of Black Berkshire, found in Japan, is regarded as the highest quality pork in the world. (

Tontoro pork cheek: This exquisite pork cut is carved from the center of Berkshire jowl meat. They are marbled to perfection... (

Kikurage: A jelly fungus that is prized for its slippery but slightly crunchy texture; often used in Chinese hot & sour soup. (

Ni-tamago: A soft-boiled egg seasoned with soy sauce. (

The rich and comforting flavor of duroc pork belly's fat makes it a go-to choice for the weary traveler seeking solace from dread manifested by thoughts of the long road home.

A bed of cilantro, scallions, and radish add crisp texture and freshness; an unobtrusive slice of boiled egg accentuates the savory flavor of the pork belly; Chinese black vinaigrette and hoisin BBQ sauce punctuate the savory and fresh notes with a balancing sweet & tart finish.

Bachi Burger is a quaint establishment with several hard-hitting dishes. It is in anyone's best interest to include this restaurant in their itinerary when roaming Sin City. Here, you can always bank on getting lucky and hitting the jackpot.

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