Weigh In: Amir Khan Or Manny Pacquiao?

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The days are winding down towards the upcoming Floyd Mayweather & Andre Berto bout scheduled Saturday, September 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are side stepping the speculations as to whether or not this is truly the Money Man's swan song in the ring and set our brow towards the mounting press surrounding the possibility of a 2016 fight between Amir "King" Khan and Manny "Mayhem From Mindanao" Pacquiao. Below are a compilation of reports from several media outlets tracking the fruition of this event.

In response to the September 12th Mayweather-Berto event Khan released his latest official statement through www.AmirKhanWorld.com tipping his hat to stablemate, Berto, and giving a verbal bow of respect towards Mayweather's decision for choosing Berto as his next opponent.

Khan stated, "I’m disappointed not to have got the fight for what is the third time after having been one of the frontrunners. However, there are many big fights out there for me and I’m going to continue working hard to establish myself at the top of the welterweight division. Floyd Mayweather has fought the biggest names throughout his career and has earned the right to face whoever he chooses. I wish my stablemate Andre Berto and trainer Virgil Hunter the very best of luck in the fight. I have seen how hard Andre trains and works and know that he is ready to give Floyd a very tough night.”

Bob Arum, CEO of Las Vegas-based boxing promotion company Top Rank and Pacquiao's promotor has had his wheels turning as of late. Arum has reportedly reached out to the Khan camp, has top locations for the bout in mind, and is planning to present an offer to Pacquiao for the matchup.

Boxing news & commentary outlet www.BadLeftHook.com reported, "Arum is still considering Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Las Vegas as possible site locations for Pacquiao's return fight."

The Phillipine Star highlighted an interview Arum had with The Telegraph where the promoter stated, “One thing’s for sure, Pacquiao is not ducking Khan. Pacquiao will fight him. I don’t know if Khan will fight Pacquiao, but it’s available."

www.BleacherReport.com did a fine job curating some of the latest messages that have been surfacing through various interviews and outlets. The following are a few:

“This takes time and I will present everything to Manny and we'll see what happens,” Arum told World Boxing Scene, via Sky Sports.

In a radio interview with Dubai Eye 103.8, Khan expressed his optimism for the Pacquiao fight, saying that he believes “the fight can happen and he’d love to take that fight.”

Khan (31W-3L-0D) is one of the boxing industry's up and coming athletes. He has a stellar aptitude for blinding speed and power to match with 56% of his career wins being knockouts. Pacquiao's track record of 57W-6L-3D with a 57% knockout rate and the sole holder of the octuple champion accolade (a fighter who has won world titles in eight different weight classes) makes him a living legend amongst his contemporaries.

Though this fight is only in the conceptual phase Arum has displayed some serious initiative putting this event on the table for both camp's to consider in 2016. What are your thoughts on this matchup? Who do you think would come out the victor and why?

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